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Style Ignite Studio

Style Ignite Studio

Igniting Style: The E-commerce Evolution of Style Ignite Studios with

Introduction had the extraordinary opportunity to partner with Style Ignite Studios, a sustainable womenswear knitwear brand founded by sisters Jane and Ruth Flanagan. The project aimed to build a Bigcommerce e-commerce platform that not only highlights the brand's unique designs but also drives customer engagement and sales.

Theme Development

We kicked off by crafting a Bigcommerce theme that resonated with the unique, sustainable ethos of Style Ignite Studios. Precision was our mantra. Every button, every pixel, was meticulously crafted to align with the brand's vision.

Key Theme Features

SEO Optimization

Visibility is the name of the game in e-commerce. We pulled out all the stops in SEO—from keyword targeting to meta-tag refinement. The site's architecture was fine-tuned to score big in search rankings.

SEO Task Details
Keyword Research Tailored to fashion & sustainability
Meta-Tag Refinement Optimized for click-throughs
On-Page Optimization Content structured for SEO

Design Enhancement

Revamping the design was a high-stakes game. We worked hand-in-hand with Style Ignite Studios to make sure every visual element—from typography to color schemes—echoed their sustainable, high-fashion brand.

Design Elements

User Experience

Forget bells and whistles; user experience is about intuitiveness and responsiveness. We invested in testing to make sure the shopping experience was as seamless as scrolling through a social media feed.


Style Ignite Studios saw a dramatic surge in sales, customer engagement, and search engine visibility. A win-win, if you ask us! They experienced a surge in Google Shopping impressions and clicks through effective customer segmentation and funneling.


Our collaboration with Style Ignite Studios showcases our commitment to blending creativity with technical finesse. Just like in our previous projects, such as the St. Pat's Athletic Shopify Store, we took immense pride in crafting a digital experience that brings brands closer to their audiences. The project serves as a potent testament to our approach in delivering top-tier Bigcommerce/Shopify web and app development solutions.