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Insightful LinkedIn Pixel

Insightful LinkedIn Pixel

Why You Need Insightful LinkedIn Pixel:

This tracking tool helps you utilize the LinkedIn insight tag to discover the rate of return for LinkedIn ads so that you can refine your marketing techniques and do what works best for your product.

Avoid having to interact with your store's codebase to enable LinkedIn conversion tracking. Additionally, you can create your own rules known as triggers to be more specific with the events you want to track.

How It Works:

Once installed, Insightful LinkedIn Pixel will allow you to track all customers coming from your ads throughout the checkout process. You do not need to worry about configuring anything else in your Shopify store.

This helps you know which ads are working and avoids using ads that are leading to a buyer abandoning their cart. This leads to increased sales by retargeting more precise audiences. After all your advertising efforts are only effective if your ads are in front of the relevant audiences.

Using Triggers:

If specific events need to be tracked, Insightful Linkedin Pixel allows the creation of custom triggers. Simply specify a URL or website element that you want to track and Insightful Linkedin Pixel will ensure that any users that interact with your trigger rules are tracked correctly!

This is particularly useful when tracking conversions without associated pages, such as through web forms that do not have thank you pages

You can also specify where your insight tag is displayed. It can be included everywhere, the order status page, or just the storefront. Best of all, the Linkedin tracker avoids polluting your theme with messy scripts installations. With one toggle, your script can be cleanly added or removed from your theme.