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Fashion Impact: Sustainability

Fashion Impact: Sustainability

What is the Fashion Impact Sustainability Tool?

Our tool allows you to add sustainability banners at a product and cart level. You can add your own sustainability ratings, or allow our algorithm to calculate them for you, based on data in your product catalog.

Use the Fashion Impact Sustainability Tool to highlight and market the sustainability of your products. Our tool is easy to use, hassle-free and completely customizable.

It can be easily integrated into your existing website to highlight new metrics, and meet the consumer’s ever-changing needs.

Why you need it

Sustainability is a buzz-word that's here to stay. More than ever before, consumers consider the use of sustainable materials to be important when buying clothes. Consumers look at how a brand promotes sustainability. Transparency around your product's life cycle is the best thing you can do to boost your marketing.

Listen to what your customers want - improve engagement tactics to increase ROI and build long term relationships with your customer base. Install this tool, and with just a few clicks, pivot your marketing strategy and innovate your consumer’s journey to purchase.