Customisable theme for retailers (Bigcommerce)



Project Highlight: Capri - Elevating Product Sales with Style

Enhancing Product Showcase

Introducing Capri – the dynamic solution to elevating product sales. With Capri, we empowered businesses to tell their unique stories and captivate their audiences through meticulously curated image variations and an eye-catching quick cart feature. Capri transforms ordinary product listings into engaging, visually appealing showcases.

Capri contains features that will enhance your Bigcommerce store including:

Sliding Menus

Our integration of sliding menus in Capri signifies our commitment to intuitive navigation and user-centric design. These sleek menus not only enhance the user experience but also conserve valuable screen real estate, making it easier for customers to explore categories, filters, and vital sections of the website. Highly customizable to match brand aesthetics and fully responsive across devices, these sliding menus contribute to smoother navigation and improved conversion rates, ensuring a seamless journey for users on Capri-powered e-commerce platforms.

Category Image Menus

One of Capri's standout features is its ability to make categories shine. Through stunning preview images integrated into the navigation, we enabled businesses to highlight their categories and make it effortless for customers to explore their offerings. It's all about improving user experience and driving conversions.

Gallery Cards

We've harnessed the power of gallery cards to transform the visual experience for BigCommerce users. These engaging elements allow businesses to curate and display their products, services, or brand stories using striking images and compelling descriptions. Gallery cards deliver an immersive, interactive experience, enticing customers to delve deeper into the content. Thanks to our seamless integration with BigCommerce, the Capri theme's gallery cards empower businesses to effortlessly create and maintain visually stunning narratives, ensuring that every visitor is captivated by their offerings and brand story.

Quick Cart

The Capri theme introduces a seamless and user-friendly Quick Cart feature that redefines the shopping experience. With a single click, customers can conveniently view and manage their selected items without leaving the current page. The Quick Cart provides real-time updates, allowing shoppers to modify quantities, add or remove products, and proceed to checkout without interruption. This feature's integration enhances efficiency and keeps customers engaged, reducing cart abandonment rates and ultimately boosting conversion rates for businesses utilizing the Capri theme. Whether on desktop or mobile devices, the Quick Cart ensures a smooth and hassle-free shopping journey, emphasizing Capri's commitment to user-centric design and enhancing the overall e-commerce experience.